Pre-Pregnancy Multi-Vitamin For Women who want to get Pregnant. 90 DAY Supply. One Tablet Once a Day

Trying to Conceive? Getting ready for IUI or IVF? Take a Quality Pre-Natal vitamin

My wife had multiple rounds of IUI and IVF before the Doctor recommended she take a Pre Natal vitamin plus supplement with additional DHA, CoQ10, Folic acid and eventually we added Acai. After years of frustration she got pregnant naturally taking the combination of vitamins we proudly offer in M Plus B a Prenatal Plus DHA Acai & CoQ10.

Women Trying to Conceive need more nutrients than the RDA for women in general.

Trying to get pregnant? Women trying to conceive need more nutrients, take a Pre-pregnancy vitamin that also contains DHA, Acai, & CoQ10.

M Plus B contains all the ingredients my wife took to get pregnant at 44. She was frustrated that she had to purchase 5 different products and take multiple pills per day so we have developed and proudly offer M Plus B so you only have to take one tablet once a day.

One Tablet Once a day of M Plus B a Prenatal Plus DHA, Acai, & CoQ10

SAVE MONEY - Purchase M Plus B and get ingredients in One Tablet Once A Day for $49.95 that can cost over $80.00 if you purchase some other pre natal vitamins plus DHA, CoQ10, Acai, and Folic Acid.

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