Can Acai Berries Improve Egg Quality and Improve IVF Success?

By Jasmine Sufi

Can Acai Berries Improve Egg Quality and Improve IVF Success?

Ovarian reserve and poor egg quality has been a growing concern over the years for many couples faced with infertility.CoQ10 has been the go-to supplement loaded with antioxidant power and touted to replenish poor energy reserves in aging eggs, helping to revive and restore energetic youth in these fragile eggs.

A new study is being conducted out of Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine – a leading American fertility institute – on the benefits of acai berries to improve egg quality. Doctors are recommending the use high quality, high potency acai berries (freeze dried) taken three times a day for 12 weeks prior to an IVF cycle. Preliminary results seem promising with increased pregnancy rates when coupled with IVF.

So the question is what is the acai berry and how does it compare to CoQ10?

The acai berry comes from the acai palm tree that is native to Central South America. It has been found to be richer in antioxidants than any other fruit or berries known. The acai berry is composed of antioxidants, hundreds of times more than any other fruit, as well as amino acids and omega fatty acids. This unique combination can help boost the immune system, improve metabolic functions and removes destructive free radicals from our cells. It is the antioxidant property in the acai berries that is thought to have the positive effect of reversing poor egg quality.

Antioxidants are important because free radicals naturally accumulate within our bodies as we age; these are simply a single atom or molecule that bounces around within our cells causing damage. Antioxidants removes free radicals from our cells, helping to keep our cells younger and healthier longer.

So how does the old CoQ10 compare?

CoQ10 has been found to be the active ingredient that enables energy to be converted and used within our cells and as we age, the amount of CoQ10 available within our bodies naturally decline. CoQ10 allows the cells to process and use energy effectively; this is in addition to its antioxidant properties that acai berry has – except CoQ10 does not have nearly as high a potency of antioxidants.

CoQ10 and acai berries are both naturally occurring and provides great health benefits with little to no side effects. The acai berry holds mega antioxidant power helping to reverse cell damage reversing signs of cell aging. CoQ10 also has this property at a lower level, but also allows better use of energy by the cells, improving cell metabolism and allowing for better cell regeneration.

I am a supporter of CoQ10 use and now with the recent information coming out about the acai berry, I feel that including this in your supplement regimen would help improve overall health as well as improve chances of conceiving.


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