Our Story

M Plus B a Prenatal Plus DHA, ACAI & CoQ10 is a prenatal vitamin PLUS key ingredients in a single tablet per day to support women planning or trying to get pregnant.

My wife & I were both 38 when we got married, 2 years later when she had not gotten pregnant we embarked down a four year journey that involved multiple surgeries to remove polyps, clomid, multiple rounds of IUI & IVF before finally having a baby at age 44( she was 44 I was 45). After all the procedures and drugs my wife got pregnant naturally while taking the combination of vitamins & supplements that comprise our product.
My wife’s doctor suggested a prenatal plus DHA, additional Folic Acid and CoQ10. While at a wedding she learned about a study regarding Acai Berry powder's powerful antioxidants and after reviewing the study she added Acai to her daily routine. We could not locate a single product with the recommended ingredients so my wife was forced to take 5 different products daily to insure she was getting the nutrients she needed to get pregnant. After taking a break from IVF and taking this combination of ingredients for two months she got pregnant.
My wife repeatedly said she wished she could get the vitamins & supplements she was taking in one pill once a day, so after hearing this a few times I started the research to develop a premium single daily dose Prenatal Plus vitamin. We know proudly offer M Plus B a Prenatal Plus Acai, DHA, & CoQ10 for your consideration.